Drs. Jeffrey Stanley and Vaibhav Diwadkar awarded a 5 year NIMH R01 grant

Dr. Jeffrey Stanley and Dr. Vaibhav Diwadkar whose 5 year NIMH R01 grant, "Advancing Innovative Brain Imaging to Detect Altered Glutamate Modulation and Network Dynamics in Schizophrenia" was funded on its very first submission. Drs. Stanley and Diwadkar are co-PIs leading this grant with a total cost of $3,043,592. What is especially noteworthy is that this grant which will capitalize on our new Integrated Clinical-Research and Education Psychosis Clinic has succeeded in partnering key clinical, educational and research personnel. Particular thanks to Drs. Amirsadri, Balon and colleagues for their vital support of this initiative.

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